Most Expensive Home interior design and architecture

Having a beautiful ,big ,luxurious house is everyone’s dream,every person want best in their house .But do you know what most luxury house owner have in their house . What is the cost of the most expensive house on this earth , what is the cost to live their and what is the maintenance cost to live in this expensive house.What you wish you could have in your life , is present in this home.

Antilla, Mumbai, India

Cost :$ 1 billion(construction cost) Estimated Cost $21.1 billion

Area : 40,000 square feet

Most expensive house -Antilla

Luxury house in Mumbai -antilla

Owned by 5th richest man in the world the industrialist and business tycoon of India Mukesh Ambani . Antilla is the most expensive house in the world , with all the amenities required for a person in his lifetime . Antilla is a 27 storied building in the downtown of Mumbai,with 6 stories for car parking ,as Mukesh Ambani is the lover of modern cars and have 168 cars in his fleet.Every Floor is different from other , materials used ,design on each floor is different from each-other.The House includes all amenities like swimming pool,, Krishna temple, yoga studio, bar ,library,movie theater, health center, helipad and more. Antilla has 600 maintenance staff to maintain all the work in the building.

Most expensive house in the world (1)

Luxury house Antilla

Most expensive house in the world Interior-Antilla

Most expensive house in the world Interior

interior design and architecture of antilla

Most Expensive interior design and architecture

Most expensive house in the world Interior-Antilla (3)

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